For almost 20 years, this 5-piece juggernaut has been rocking and rolling their unique and original sound. Bowser consists of John Selak (bass/vocals), Owen Mooney (keys/vocals), Charles Ehlenbeck (drums), Jon Prigge (harmonica/vocals) and Luke Abler (guitar/vocals). Over the years, Bowser has released two studio albums, two live albums and performed at countless venues and festivals throughout the greater Wisconsin area. Bowser also encourages, promotes, and regularly releases tapings and audience recordings of many of their live performances.

Described by some as "jam rock", Bowser's musical style is strongly rooted in rock n' roll and blues with a love for jamming. However, the band also draws influence from nearly every genre of music ranging from jazz to funk, country to rap. Bowser is primarily a live performance band. With a healthy repertoire of original music, several covers and a passion for improvisation, you will never see the same show twice. 

Since their inception, the band has gained a loyal and dedicated following. Fans know that a Bowser show means one thing - a good time. And the band has certainly had many good times throughout their nearly 20 year history. They take their music seriously, and are constantly making efforts to improve the quality of the live show for their audience.


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“Since forming in 2000, the band's eclectic musical style provides a flexibility that allows them to perform at all types of venues. From rock clubs to festivals...this band continues to blaze a trail forward in the name of Wisconsin music."

​                                                                                                                           -The Journal Times

“The band has a talent for feeding off each other. Abler's complex yet inviting guitar riffs combined with Mooney's intricate keyboards and Prigge's fiery harmonica work set the melodic stage. Throw in the funky but solid bass licks of Selak and the rock-driven, foot-stomping grooves of Ehlenbeck and you're in for an original sound reminiscent of 70's rock with a modern jam band twist."

​                                                                                                                          -The Sheboygan Press

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